About us

About us

Dental clinic Dentist welcomes you!

About Us

Our dental clinic has been founded in 2010. The founder is an honorable alumni of NYC’s Columbia medical school – Mark Hoffmann, MD.

After 8 previous years of practicing, he and his colleagues collaborated to found their own clinic. Coming from backgrounds of miscellaneous dental institutions of the US, they complement each other. Their common clinic became known as Dentist! The state of Pennsylvania highly appreciates our contribution to state’s dental healthcare. Just as our local patients in the upstate Potter county of Pennsylvania.

We combine extensive record of practical experience with an equal focus on customer service approach. In the last 6 years, our dental clinic grew a list of returning clients!
We look forward to you becoming one of them as well!

Flexible Schedule

We work during all state holidays, besides working till late during the days. In case of emergencies we accept weekend bookings.


Combined, our 5 dentists have over half a century of practical experience. They are ready to put it to action for you!

Best price guarantee

Our reasonable prices made thousands of people smile with a new, beautiful smile, as never before!!

Meet Our Team

Mark Hoffman


Our clinic's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Mark Hoffman has been working in this field of medical specialization since 2002. A Columbia medical school graduate, this

Leslie Gross

Dental Hygienist

Leslie is one of the most experienced dental hygienists in the whole Potter county, PA. She works at our dental clinic since day 1. No

Dana Sims

Practical Nurse

Dana previously served as a senior practical nurse at the Mayo clinic. She obtained her license by working hard at numerous major dental offices. That's

Kimberly Barker

Patient Services Manager

During her 20 years long career Kimberly worked for numerous dental offices in the US and Canada. And while she will not drill your teeth